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    Notice regarding support tickets

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    Hello Valatic players!

    This is just a quick notice regarding support tickets. I'd like to clarify that support tickets are meant to be used primarily for game-breaking bugs and purchase issues. Submitting support tickets for the following things is not proper usage:

    - Player Reports
    - Staff Reports
    - Questions regarding how to use things (i.e. how to use a safari net)

    These things are considered proper usage:

    - Lost items
    - Did not receive purchase
    - Lost data/achievements

    The reason our staff team has been so overwhelmed by support tickets is because most of the tickets are not submitted for proper issues. If you need to report a player please fill out the new player reports form. If you need to report a staff member, message me directly. And if you have questions on how to use things, ask in the Discord or ask in-game; our staff constantly monitor both of those things so you should still receive an answer.

    From this point forward we cannot guarantee an answer to those who submit any support ticket that falls inside the aforementioned criteria. We may only respond to tickets who have an issue that warrants submitting one. We'd also like to ask for your patience while our staff continue to adapt to this new system and we continue to improve it. Bumping your ticket doesn't help you receive a response; nor does disrespecting our staff and telling them to "do their job." Our staff are volunteer and work very hard considering that fact, and we couldn't be more thankful.

    We're also looking for more Helpers to assist with the ticket volume. If you're interested in joining our team, please submit an application here.

    Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation during this transition period.

    Welcome to our brand new website!

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    Welcome to our brand new website! Here you can find our brand new forums, help page, rules page, and much more. Thank you gamerz for setting up this lovely website for us. We hope you enjoy your stay here! Don't forget to login to our site.