General Policies


Disputing a payment or charging back to Valatic will result in a permanet ban from our server. There is no way to get unbanned for this.

For example, using an alternate Minecraft account to join our servers or use chat when you are not allowed to.

Using exploits or abusing bugs to serve as an advantage on your end is not allowed. This can include abusing spawners/having spawners found anywhere other than cave dungeons.

Using a VPN or proxy is not allowed.

You cannot falsely report innocent players if you know they did not do anything wrong. You cannot make allegations against someone.


Using unfair advantages such as using a hacked client, auto clicker, macros or anything that serves as an unfair advantage will result in a punishment.

All of the following is not allowed on our servers to ensure a safe friendly community. Unless a specified server allows it, it is not allowed on our servers.

Do not impersonate other players, figures or related.

Selling in-game items for real world money, or product, service is not allowed.

Massive farms of anything on our servers is not allowed. If we detect your farm is causing any client side (FPS) or server side (TPS) lag we will remove your farm. This rule also applies to any excessive entities such as mobs, item-frames, chests, spawners, and so on.


Threatening other players, staff members, is not allowed. DDOS or related threats are prohibited.

Any non child friendly discussions is not allowed. You cannot discuss explicit topics such as sexual, suicide, drugs, profanity, and so on.

Spamming our chat such aa repeating the same message over and over again is not allowed. Spamming characters to spam the chat is not allowed.

Encouraging other players to break the rules is not allowed.

Promoting something anything un Valatic related is not allowed. Advertising other Minecraft servers is not allowed. Avoid self promotion unless it is Valatic related.

Being toxic towards staff members, players, Valatic, or to Minecraft is not allowed. We have a zero tolerance for toxicity as we want to keep our community a friendly place.

Do not harass other players by trolling them, being annoying, causing trouble, or related.

Do not leak your own personal information or someone else's. This may include someones full name, where they live, or similar.

We ask no players beg other players or staff members for items, perks, and so on.